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Palazzo Sergardi Biringucci

Salone Ratto delle Sabine con Pleyel Sala costumi

Palazzo Sergardi Biringucci

An eighteenth-century noble residence, one of the most important in Siena and in Italy, is a monumental complex which, with its large atrium and two large courtyards, preserves cycles of frescoes by Luigi Ademollo, marble mosaic floors and original furnishings.

It is a structure of particular beauty, rarely open to the public and only for true art lovers.

It houses the original structure and costumes of the “Piccolo Teatro della Città di Siena”, founded by Baroness Margherita Sergardi between 1940 and 1951.

The “Piccolo Teatro della Città di Siena” has had an origin that can be considered unique in the birth of theatrical organisms of the genre. His first ferment of life dates back to 1940, when Margherita Sergardi gathered the young settlers of the Sienese countryside, and gave them the first notions of acting, organizing the “Country Theater”.

The “Piccolo Teatro” has a truly enviable equipment and a rich collection of valuable volumes and plays that form the library of the “Piccolo Teatro”. Approximately 800 theatrical costumes are kept in special open wardrobes and the majority of them have been created by the “Piccolo Teatro” tailor, which uses the work of the well-known tailor and master of tailoring Alberto Cosanni. The sketches of all the costumes are the work of Margherita Sergardi.

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Francesca Fumi Cambi Gado, will hold a guided tour of the building at 6 pm on Saturday, May 19th. Readings will also be made from Ovid’s “Metamorphosis”.

francesca fumi

Francesca Fumi Cambi Gado, art historian, carries out study and research and is the author of numerous publications focused on various fields of art history, heraldry and emblematic. After graduating from classical studies, she graduated cum laude in History of Art and then obtained the Triennial Specialization in History of Art and Archeology. She has held teaching positions at the University of Siena and Arezzo in the field of art history. Since 2011 she has also been a Tourist Guide. She has held and lectures at national and international conferences and seminars. In 2010 she debuted as a writer of fiction with the story La Foglia d’oro, The Secret of Majesty by Duccio (published by Polistampa), also translated in English, which was appreciated by critics and was the subject of numerous theatrical readings. She has been Vice-president of the Centro Guide Association of Siena, she is currently Head of Culture for the Associazione Lega del Chianti and is vice-president of the Lega del Chianti Onlus Foundation.


Palazzo Sergardi - affreschi di Luigi Ademollo

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